Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions below. You must indicate your agreement by checking the "I Agree" box to complete your member registration

By using the Paidcash web site - www.paidcash.co.uk, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of use for the App or web site. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in suspension of your account, forfeiture of funds accumulated on the site, possible legal action and other remedies available under law.

PaidCash is owned and operated by Searlco of Earl House, Gradene, Station Road, Ulceby, Lincolnshire, DN39 6UQ, UK. Paidcash is a trademarked brand of Searlco. All of the above are hereinafter combined under the term "Paidcash".

Site Membership and Termination of Accounts

Paidcash allows only one account per person. We also allow a maximum of four (4) accounts per household to prevent fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone at any time and to terminate an account with Paidcash without notice at any time, for any reason.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, conducting a transaction (any purchase through the App or web site) and registering to enable us to track your cash and to make payments, you become a member of the Paidcash community.

Earning Cashback

You will earn cash back by "clicking" on a link from within the Paidcash App or from a Paidcash web site and subsequently purchasing a product for which a cash-back offer is provided from a vendor of the products, which we refer to as the Merchant. At Paidcash we want to ensure that cash-back offers are correctly illustrated.

Any transaction you make is conducted with the merchant site providing the offer to which our click-through link connects. Paidcash is not responsible for any defects or short falls or lack of availability of the products or services offered by merchants through the Paidcash App or web site. The merchants of the goods you purchase will confirm to us your pending transactions, at which point they will appear in your account in the "Approved section" and on your statement. Although we encourage all merchants to be efficient in making approval decisions, Paidcash is not responsible for any aspect of a merchant's decision regarding any purchase.

Nor is Paidcash responsible for slow or cancelled transactions between any buyer and any merchant. If the value of goods or services are refunded by a merchant for whatever reason or if a sale is reversed or cancelled, then the cash-back is not applicable to that event and a cash-back payment will not be made; Paidcash only awards cash-back for a completed transaction; that is, when a Paidcash member goes to a merchant's site via the Paidcash App, or logs into www.Paidcash.co.uk, clicks on the merchant's link and completes a purchase.

If you visit a merchant to make a purchase but not via the Paidcash App or from www.Paidcash.co.uk, no eligible transaction can occur and therefore no cash-back is accumulated in your account. Paidcash accepts no responsibility for incomplete, cancelled, lost or deleted transactions. All transactions are electronically logged and reported to Paidcash by the merchant. Paidcash makes every effort to ensure that merchants are correctly reporting every transaction; however Paidcash is not responsible for the failure of any merchant to report back your purchase. (If Paidcash were to become aware of such a failure, it will make every effort to negotiate the applicable cash-back from the merchant on your behalf; however the merchant alone makes that decision and the merchant's decision is final).


A member can instigate a payment at any time through the web site where they registered providing your approved balance exceeds £20 n the UK or $25 in the US. Account balances below this amount will be carried forward until they reach this threshold and the member then may withdraw the accumulated cash-back balance. If a merchant delays payment or ceases conducting transactions while cash-back is due a member, we will make every effort to recover the balance for the member. In fact Paidcash makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that every merchant affiliated with Paidcash has a track record of prompt, timely and accurate payments. We accept no responsibility for merchants' successes or failures and make no guarantee of payment until funds have been received by Paidcash from the merchant. PLEASE NOTE: PAIDCASH PAYS CASH-BACK TO ITS MEMBERS AFTER IT HAS RECEIVED DUE PAYMENT FROM THE MERCHANT!


Members will receive a regular newsletter, providing information on the latest offers and site updates. A member is under no obligation to receive email from Paidcash and may change account settings or terminate the account at any time. Any member may opt out at any time, including during registration or at a later time simply by changing user settings.

Change of Terms & Conditions

Paidcash may modify/change any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement at any time and in our sole discretion. Paidcash will notify members by email when/if this happens.


This Agreement is governed by the laws of England, without reference to rules governing choice of laws. Failure to enforce strict performance under any provision of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of Paidcash's right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement.

Fraudulent Transactions

Providing false information to any of our Merchants, or attempting to fraudulently obtain monies from any merchants is a violation of law and of this agreement and will immediately trigger suspension of the account in violation and the event may be reported to the relevant authorities.

App or Site Misuse

In the event a site user attempts to defraud Paidcash or its merchants in any way, Paidcash reserves the right to terminate the user's account without notice and pass the details to the relevant authorities.

Anti Spam Policy

Paidcash allows members to "refer a friend" by using the Facebook recommendation engine or by sending email messages to friends and family promoting our App/web site to them and it rewards members though cash incentives. However, Paidcash does not allow or encourage any spamming activity and reserves the right to delete and/or suspend any account without notice if such activity is detected.

Deleting / Suspension

If Paidcash deletes or suspends a user's account for improper activity, that user will automatically forfeit cash-back balances on the site, both pending and approved. Paidcash will only suspend/delete an account suspected of fraudulent activity or of violating the site's terms and conditions. Paidcash's decision is final.

Visiting Merchants

Paidcash invites all consumers to use Paidcash as their main portal for shopping online and encourages them to make full and regular use of its services. However Paidcash does not allow an individual member to make several applications to the same merchant company to seek improper financial reward. Paidcash's merchants have invested in software that will notify them of duplicate loan/finance applications. We also do not allow applications made in the name of third parties such as applications under the names of family members or friends. Such activity is a violation of this agreement and will result in the improper accounts being deleted and all pending and approved transactions forfeited.


By signing up with Paidcash you agree that you are responsible for paying any tax due on any payments made to you by Paidcash.

Unapproved Accounts

In order to cut down on inactive accounts on Paidcash, all new accounts must be validated within 14 days of use. If you have not approved your account within 7 days of joining, you will be sent a notification email together with a link notifying you that your account will be deleted within seven (7) days. A deleted account forfeits any outstanding balance remaining on that account.

Unused Accounts

Paidcash will delete any account that is dormant for a period of 6 months. A warning email will be sent 30 days prior to deletion and again 5 days prior. Upon deletion the registered holder of the dormant account will forfeit the remaining account balance. The Paidcash App will maintain the account as active unless it is turned off or uninstalled. In this event, the account will be considered dormant for 6 months after de-installation allowing the member to re-install the App (e.g. on another device) before being deleted.

Once You Leave

If you leave or de-register all personal and account information will be remove from Paidcash's databases and mailing lists. We will not pass your information to 3rd party companies who may have offers we believe may interest you unless you request that Paidcash take this action in the de-registration process.