How It Works



Use our services to make choices safely and fast. It's simple. It's all here. It's rewarding – best prices plus cash back. Thousands of verified brands just two clicks away. Use your favorite browser or search engine – it doesn't matter which one. Enter the product or service you want – and that's exactly what PaidCash will offer you – at the best price available plus cash back. And your privacy is protected – none of your information goes to anyone outside the purchase transaction. So you don't have to worry about nuisance adverts. Simple … more choices … and rewarded with cash back!



Your favorite brand names – they're all here. Big brands, little brands – every one of them is pre-screened and provided to you through verified trustworthy merchants The product you enter – and only that product, appears in the PaidCash window that opens automatically. Two clicks and you're there. No more hunting products across different sites. PaidCash offers you the best available cash back deals immediately – in fact, it shows you the best price available, cash back or not. Product deep – two clicks and we take you straight to the deal and then to check-out



You can redeem the cash back you earn on whatever you like. Paid to you using verified and secure digital platforms (Paypal) you have no need to worry about how secure your data is! We will never ask you for any payment information other than a registered PayPal address and if you dont have one simply visit its fast secure and free! We are always at looking at making your cashback experience better so keep an eye out for our new features!